Yoga - Fit to Ride

Achieving BALANCE in both your riding and your health, requires strength in you core, your limbs and your mind. My understanding and experience in Anatomy, Biomechanics and Nutrition means that I am able to help you on a fitness journey. By incorporating yoga to help build core stability and mental well being you can improve both your riding and your overall health. 

 Build core stability 

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I have always been a very keen sports person. I had done yoga for many years alongside other sports and training principles. However, after a difficult pregnancy and birth of our son in 2016 I developed quite severe back pain and was diagnosed with Endometriosis. A quest to treat these conditions holistically led me to becoming a dedicated practitioner of yoga.

 Improve balance both physical and mental


Yoga is a practice that has allowed me to become supple and flexible. Breathing techniques and meditation has given me the ability to deal with stress. I have found with yoga that I feel healthy, fit, strong, centred and balanced both physically and mentally. I have now completed my Level 3 Diploma in teaching yoga and am offering sessions, either privately or in a group.