Artificial Insemination / Breeding Livery at TC Stud

AI LIVERY - Here at TC Stud and Rehabilitation, we offer a full AI livery service for your mare. (March to September only)
Working with a veterinary practice of your choice, we can offer a first rate service to take the stress out of breeding for you. We can offer Full livery for your mare in spacious barn style stables.

They will be looked after like one of my own! 


Stud competition horses Rehabilitation centre in north wales and Cheshire

After breeding horses myself for the last 10 years, I know it is not easy. Between having to scan, waiting for the semen delivery, only being able to get semen on certain days from certain countries it can be a mind field.

I have extensive knowledge of caring for horses including a degree in Equine and human sports science and am a senior lecturer in Animal Science specialising in Anatomy and Physiology. 



  • Breeding Stocks
  • Large foaling boxes 
  • Basic lab for semen evaluation.

Knowledge and Expertise

I have many years experience breeding horses and have obtained my AI technician certificate.

I attend many seminars and workshops on reproductive technologies to further my knowlede and understanding. 



Full livery includes

  • Hay and straw
  • 7 day muck out
  • Changing of rugs
  • Secure restricted grazing
  • Turnout in menage
  • All handling that is required for breeding.


Price for full livery £75 per week

No hidden costs


The AI package is charged separately by the veterinary practice. 

I am happy to arrange delivery with the different stallion stations, however owner of mare must have sorted all nominations and payment with the stallion owners prior to mare coming to stud. 

Before arrival the mare booking form must have been received.

Conditions of livery and covering.
Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA): All liveried and visiting horses are required to be blood tested for EVA within the 28 days before arrival at Stud. Copy of blood result to be sent to ‘the stud’ by post, email or fax in advance of the horse arriving. 
Strangles (Streptococcus Equi): All liveried horses are required to be blood tested for Strangles within the 28 days before arrival at Stud. Animals that have been vaccinated against strangles will require a guttural pouch washout before arriving at the stud. 
All blood tests should be sent to an approved laboratory and copy of results to be sent to ‘the stud’ by post or email in advance of the horse arriving.

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